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2019: Polly Moller Springhorn’s Tomography Fortunae

_Tom Bickley: recorders
Tom Djll: trumpet/electronics
Tom DiMuzio: electronics
Tom Duff: banjo/electronics
Tom Nunn: inventions
Tom Scandura: drums, Tom Weeks: alto saxophone
Polly Moller Springhorn: composer

Tomography Fortunae is a three-movement graphic score for seven musicians named Tom, by Polly Moller Springhorn. The intention of this piece is to combine the Fortunate Numbers with ritual movement and improvisation to bring all the musicians and the audience good fortune. Musicians must go by the name Tom, either officially on their birth certificate, informally as a nickname, or temporarily for the duration of the performance. Toms may play any instrument or sing. Each of the three movements—“Velet luna,” “Cornu Unum de Manu Gestaret Reposuisse de Amalthea,” and “Manus in Gubernaculo”—takes the musicians through ever-greater complexity in ritual movement and graphical cues. The piece is performed “in the round” to create a close connection between musicians and audience and to share the good fortune engendered by the music.

Polly Moller Springhorn is an Oakland-based composer, performer, and improviser equally at home in the worlds of contemporary classical music, rock, and free improvisation. Her compositions for solo instruments, and small and large ensembles, explore the Western occult tradition, scientific mysteries, literary icons, and biological processes. Genesis for 12 Improvisers is her most-performed work, last heard at Intersection for the Arts in the 2012 Soundwave Biennial. Other works include The Flip Quartet, an elemental harmony ritual for four improvisers; Remove Before Flight for flute quartet, Alcyone for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass, and percussion; and Duo No. 1 for Gino Robair. Her works for flute choir and piccolo are available from ALRY Publications. As a performer, Polly is a member of Usufruct, Reconnaissance Fly, Ghost in the House, and the duo B Experimental Band.

Polly Moller Springhorn's Tomography Fortunae

Polly Moller Springhorm's Tomography Fortunae (photo by Peter B Kaars)

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