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2006: Krystyna Bobrowski

Krystyna Bobrowski is a sound artist, composer and musician living in Oakland, California. In addition to French horn she plays acoustic and electronic instruments of her own design. Her collection of original instruments includes prepared amplified rocking chairs, bull kelp horns, Leaf Speakers, Gliss Glass and the Harmonic Slide.

Bobrowski received her M.F.A. in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College and her B.A. in Computers and Music from Dartmouth College. She has presented her work in a number of music festivals throughout the US, Europe and Mexico. In addition to performing her own work, Bobrowski plays with the Bay Area-based, improvisation ensemble, Vorticella.

She will be presenting Kelp Call a.k.a. Nereocystis (Mermaid's Bladder). Kelp, technically known as Nereocystis luetkeana, is a large, hollow, naturally conical-shaped seaweed found along the Northern California coast. After drying for several weeks, the kelp may be cut and played in a similar fashion to a brass instrument: bugle, trumpet, French horn, trombone or tuba. Bobrowski has made a habit of of gathering Kelp on occasional trips to the beach - and some of her friends have started doing the same. She has amassed a collection which will be featured during her set.

Members: Jen Bake, John Betteo, Krystyna Bobrowski, Keith Cary, Eric Crawford, Tom Dambly, Tom Djll, Jack Garton, Curtis Hollenbeck, Andy Strain, Toyoji Tomita, Sarah Wilson


Artist (photo by Photographer)

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