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2004: C.O.M.A.

John Vaughn: saxophone, percussion
Dax Compise: drums, percussion
Brian Clark: bass

C.O.M.A. began in the minds of John Vaughn and Dax Compise years ago. With influences such as Ornette Coleman and others, the sax and drums duo began writing and performing original and borrowed works. Their sound is free and often described as "avant-garde." People who are into free, expressive jazz, really enjoy their performances.

In the last year, Brian Clark was added on bass, and the trio sounds better than ever. The three are very talented musicians with deep backgrounds in music education and performance. Their styles have ranged from classical to modern rock and everything in between. Dax and Brian were both graduates of the Conservatory at the University of the Pacific (UOP), and John has bachelors and masters degrees in music.

The group performs in Stockton weekly, occasionally in San Francisco, and in other Northern California cities. They have projects in the works with local dancers, poets, and artists.


Artist (photo by Photographer)

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